Saturday, August 4, 2012

Green and not Cement

Berg's installation "As a tree planted by the waters", Jeremiah 17/8

Artists who live in Tel Aviv, like Tsibi Geva, Raffi Lavie, Yoav Ben Dov, Moshe Gershuni, Yehuda Porbuchrea and many others were asked by the voluntary committee "The Heart of Tel Aviv" to create works relating to the desperate need and lack of greenery and to express their feelings about it.
It become a protest against the massive constructions in the last open areas in the city. Naturally most of the artists deal with the green areas and with the need to take care of the disappearing trees and plants from the "heart of the city".
The importance of the project is the variety of opinions expressed in different ways. The direct protest that takes art out of the stillness of museum to the public space.
It is amazing to discover that the author Bialik expressed his concern at this subject in an article which was published at the beginning of  the 1930's.

The exhibition was held in Beit Bialik, Tel Aviv, Israel (2000).
The installation is permanently displayed at the Zoological Garden in Tel Aviv.

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