Friday, August 4, 2017

Hi Light 2017 (The Netherlands)

HI LIGHT exhibition,
Buren, The Netherlands, June 2017

“LIGHT” is a collaborative exhibition between six artists from Holland, Israel, Sweden, Spain and the USA.  
Light has had great importance in art from Greek and Roman sculptures and architecture to Renaissance and Baroque paintings, and up to modern technology in today’s art.

Artists have long been experimenting with the interplay of light and dark. For centuries they have understood the benefits of painting with north light, which has enabled to produce the greatest paintings in history.
By adding black or white to a color in two dimensional arts the use of light can help create an illusion of added mass or shape to the painted objects.

Artists in the 60’s have been experimenting with light as material and subject: light installations, Bauhaus architecture, motion pictures, photography, kinetic and light fields and projections on outdoor objects. Minimalism and Op artists, such as Dan Flavin and Francois Morellet, have created interior sculptures and installations using diverse types of light. Likewise, James Turrell, Robert Irwin and Bruce Nauman in California in 1966.

Our group comprises a long line of artists who experiment with light in their art.

This exhibition lays emphasis on diverse ways and different views of regarding the concept “Light”.
The exhibition consists of painting, installation, Video Art  and photography.

The poem by Gerardo Fontanes , a painter and a poet gives us a glimpse to the importance of LIGHT in an artist’s- work.

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