Friday, December 1, 2017

Art and Society, ongoing internet project

I started my video art (9 minutes long) in the north of the country, relatively rich with springs and reservoirs, as I traveled south to the arid salt plain of the Dead Sea, I saw how the diminishing of water affects people and nature. During the different stops of this journey, I placed environmental installations, each time showing the state and changes of nature.
EARTH Effects:
My installation “TENTS” is a dialog between the spiritual and physical richness of our EARTH. The Six Tents are representing the different aspects of Earth: Cycles, Minerals, Water, Flora, Fauna and People. The riches of nature bestow us life. EARTH is giving us so much. We need to give back and protect all this richness for future generations. 
It is difficult to diminish the utmost importance of water to humanity and the significance of its cumulative deficit to the future development of the entire world.
I believe in the power of Art to deliver a message and raise awareness in various fashions. I searched for artists in countries where water exists in abundance with the prospect of working together and attempting to present this pressing issue from various perspectives. In a general call, international artists have been invited to donate digital images of water in its many forms. We received images from 80 participating artists. The art celebrates new world order, where borders are porous, communication instantaneous and artists can use new advance technology. Artists are invited to step outside their solitary studio practice and join force to embrace collaboration in art of the future.

Art and Society, an internet ongoing project sponsored by UNESCO, MDA-Paris.

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