Wednesday, July 12, 2017


EVEnt exhibition is a collaboration between 10 artists from different parts of the world. 
Being women in the 21st Century is our story to tell.

Our project sheds light on the different views regarding social and personal questions about the situation of women, in a modern society, at times conformist and traditional.

The participating artists are Miriam Ewers, Shira Toren, Kim Sillen, LaThoriel Badenhausen and Kim Alemian (USA), Karmela Berg (Israel) who is also the curator, Rido Jansen and Thea Zweerink (Netherlands), Margalit Berriet (France) and Sigrid Hynell Fleischer (Sweden).

The exhibition consists of painting, prints, installations, sculptures and photography.

EVEnt One in 2015 was invited to be the center group in Huntenkunst Contemporary Art Fair and in Galerie bij de Boeken, Ulft, The Netherlands.

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