Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Hi Light


HI LIGHT exhibition was held in Jerusalem Municipal Art Gallery, 17 Jaffa Road,

September - November, 2017.

HI LIGHT is a collaborative exhibition between eight artists from different parts of the world: Karmela Berg from Israel,  Leny van Elk and Arjan Moscoviter from The Netherlands, Anneli Nilson from Sweden,  Pirjo Heino, Pirjo Partanen and Katri Aintila from Finland and  Karola Teschler from Germany.

LIGHT has had great importance in art. Artists are inspired and have long  been experimenting with the interplay of light and dark.

By adding black or white to a color in two dimensional art, the use of light can help create an illusion of added mass or shape to painted objects. The influence of photography and new technology is an important aspect in the modern art of light.

HI LIGHT exhibition lays emphasis on diverse ways and different views of regarding the concept of “Light”.