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Moods influence our lives daily.

Moods are expressed in differing ways, arousing creativity and imagination in various fields of art, such as poetry, dance, the performing arts, drama and the visual arts.

In this exhibition the three participating Israeli artists Conny Barak, Karmela Berg and Yaffa Wainer, although coming from differing artistic disciplines, have collaborated on the same theme “Moods” and have interpreted it each in her own special way.

From a historical perspective of visual arts we learn about art works that have been created within or by influence of moods.

Viewers may interpret the moods and emotions of the artists differently, depending on the subject matter and varying color of the works and this is what makes art so fascinating and inspiring.  

Moods and Meetings

I use colors and forms to explore and express my ideas and curiosity about reality that is surrounding us. I enjoy the creative freedom.
In my work I try to learn about myself and to discover the meaning of barriers and borders, moods and meetings that exist in the internal as well as in the external world.

There are three subjects that are of great interest to me: words or a sentence or even the shape of letters, that are starting a process of new work, objects that are collected or come to my position in other way arouse conceptual new images and the amazing performance of nature, all are the trigger to my creative work. 
Different colors influence diverse emotions. Complex moods demand daring solutions.

In this exhibition I played with the letters m o o d. I searched for colors and their meaning that create a certain mood. My larger paintings focus on the meetings of different sides of moods and nostalgia. The small size works express the many faces of passing moods.  

MOODS exhibition was held in Hameenlinna, Finland  in June 2014.
Three Israeli artists were invited as an international art group in celebration of the foundation of the town 375 years ago.

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