Wednesday, September 25, 2013

EARTH Effects (Boston)

EARTH Effects is an international collaboration between five artists: Ellen Schön, Alice Grossman, and Judith Motzkin from the United States, Karmela Berg from Israel, and Pirjo Heino from Finland. 

Diverse personal backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines inform these artists explorations of the effect—both verb and noun—on and of our planet. Earth is seen from above as an orb hurtling though outer space; from below in the depths of plate tectonics; as a recognition of the rhythms of life, as homage to creation myths, and as powerful Mother Nature.

The exhibition includes ceramics, painting, photography, sculpture, and installation. 

Berg's work include SIX TENTS, each representing a different aspect of EARTH: Cycles, Minerals, Water, Flora, Fauna, People. Earth is giving us so much. We need to give back and protect all this richness.
Also in the exhibition, Berg's work The MOVEMENT of EARTH, six drawings, oil on paper, hanged from floor to sealing like a Totam, protecting the Earth Tents.

Karmela Berg EARTH Effects Artist Statement: 

“…from dust you come and to dust you shall return” 

Earth to me is motion from beginning to end… and back to beginning once again.
Earth is a metaphor for the cycles of life, evoking spiritual and biological meaning.
The Hebrew word for earth is “Adama’ for man “Adam” and for blood “Dam”.
All three are derived from the same root - letters of earth.

My Installation “Tents” is a dialog between the spiritual and physical richness of our Earth. Earth’s mountains, rivers, sands and fertile lands; its ice field, flora and fauna provide us with food and shelter. The riches of nature bestow us life. 

The exhibition opens 10th October 2013 at Nave Gallery, Somerville, Boston, USA.

More info: Nave Gallery

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