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It is difficult to overstate the utmost importance of water to humanity and the significance of its cumulative deficit to the future of the entire world.
Water is the source of life.  Being an Israeli artist, whose country has been dealing with water shortage since its very foundation, made it very interesting to collaborate with the other artists, who had a different experience of Water.

I wanted to explore the water issue.
I started following the appearance of water from a relatively water- sufficient north district to the arid salt plains of the Dead Sea in the south. I saw how diminishing water affects people and nature.

I used old topographic maps, as my paper and start- base for my art works, thus preserving some landmarks and signs that integrate into my paintings, creating a new map of the landscape for the water.

About the film:
9 minutes long
My video art started in the north documenting a region rich with springs, rivers and reservoirs. The Bible refers to this area, the Beith She’An valley as “the Gate of Eden”. Going south to the Dead Sea the water is diminishing. During the different stops of this journey, I placed environmental installations, each time showing the state of the land and the changes of nature.  

A GBK Association exhibition (Gemeenschap Beeldande Kunstenaar).
The exhibition was held in Dijkmagazijn Gallery, Winssen, The Netherlands (July 2013).

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